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The baby is here!

“The baby is here!”

Our third baby arrived a couple weeks before his due date and I couldn’t be happier because it meant I got to meet him that much sooner.  That’s right, HE, arrived mid-January.  Asher is as sweet as can be and totally lives up to the laid back third child expectation…at least so far. Once he arrived, Caleb and I went into “let’s move” mode.  He applied for a couple positions and was selected rather quickly for a job in the suburbs of Cincinnati.  Asher was two months old when we found out we were moving and from that moment and the following five weeks, I was packing up our house and our lives in every spare minute we had.

In all the other moments of those five weeks we were spending as much time with our family and friends as possible.  We left behind more than a decade of relationships including Caleb’s parents, our very best friends since college and our entire church community.  It was some of the most exciting and most difficult weeks we have experienced.  I literally cried as we drove away from the southwest and into the sunrise of the east.

We had amazing friends help us with our move.  Our best friends helped us pack and load the biggest U-Haul you can get and one of them even drove it cross country with Caleb.  Then Caleb and I were able to make the long journey in our two vehicles with the three kids and of course, the dog.  We arrived the first week of May and landed at my sister’s house.

Next time on the blog… “Living with family!”