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The Fab Stash Show™

Abbey & Caleb from Sunday Selling Live

Our Sunday selling show “The Fab Stash Show”™ is a live show and is a fun way that Abbey and I get to interact with YOU, our customers, even though you’re not local.  The show is held on our Facebook page and happens most Sundays at 3pm EST.  Here we feature our famous quilting fabric bundles at a great price. Find the next show date here, on our Facebook page, or by signing up for our Friday email.  Here are some of the things that our included in our show. 

  • Our Famous 5yd ($39.99) & 3yd ($23.99) Quilting Fabric Bundles *that’s only $8 per yard!!
  • New & Sale Fabric 
  • Precuts
  • Books & Patterns 
  • Notions
  • Panels
  • Cork
  • A Fun Auction Bolt 
  • Kill The Bolts 
  • Giveaways

Missed our Sunday Live Show? Check out our Sunday Leftovers page and still find good quilting fabric bundles at a good deal. Only $9 per yard.

Upcoming Dates

  • February 7th 3pm EST Live (smaller show due to Superbowl)

  • February 14th 3pm EST No Show

  • February 21st 3pm EST Live

  • February 28th 3pm EST *this will be a prerecorded bundle sale

  • March 7th 3pm EST Live


How it Works

  1. Go to our Facebook page during the time of the live stream, usually 3pm – 5pm EDT.  From here you should see a red “live” box and our video running.  Just click on the video and join in the fun!
  2. See something you like? Of course you do!! Just comment with the code of the item you want.  If it’s fabric on the bolt, add the yardage amount as well.  (For example, if we have a quilting fabric bundle displayed it could be B1 or if it’s fabric on the bolt it would be Y1 -2yds) 
  3. If you bought anything DM (direct message) us on Facebook with your email address for invoicing.  
  4. After the show we go back and make sure we have all the comments right to start the invoicing.  Items are limited quantity so if you don’t see it on your invoice or don’t get an invoice, you didn’t comment in time for the item.  Comments during the live show don’t necessarily appear in the correct order due to a lag in streaming.  We go back and check the timestamps on comments to make sure who got the items in the correct order to be fair.  
  5. Invoices are usually sent out by Monday morning and once paid you can expect your item/items to be shipped that day or the next and received normally in 2-3 days after it is shipped via the USPS. 
  6. If you have questions about things not in the live video or want to add on to your order please DM us.  Due to packaging and shipping on Mondays & Tuesdays, if you have questions or add ons please be patient with us.  We will prob get to those on Wednesday, so your Sunday order would ship a little later.
  7. Have Fun!! We do some fun things like auctions and kill the bolts, and even though you buy them, think of these more like a raffle and if you don’t get it try again next time.  It’s not a perfect system but it’s fun.