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Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay.

                For the past 15 months, my life has been changing rapidly.  I wrote a couple blogs to jump start our blogging campaign and then quickly realized that between homeschooling convention season, two kids and a new puppy, I had no time for blogging.  Writing took a back seat to everything and it was definitely the right decision.  Shortly after posting my first few blogs my husband and I found out we were expecting our third baby!  Pregnancy for me, like many women, is no picnic.  I was sick for more than half this pregnancy but my sweet newest babe is more than worth it. (More on the new baby later)

My husband, Caleb, and I began to discuss what our next step in life was going to be.  We were having a third child and with his long hours and a growing quilt shop, we had to make some big life decisions.  We prayed a lot and over the course of several months we determined that we were called to uproot our lives in the southwest desert and transplant to my hometown of Cincinnati, OH.  Cincinnati is where the quilt shop is located and ultimately where we needed to be if we wanted this business to be our future.

So let’s recap, two kids with a third on the way, a new puppy (what was I thinking?), a growing business in Cincinnati and a cross country move.  The next step was to figure out the timing of a move.  With Caleb’s current full time job, we could not just transfer somewhere easily.  There was an application/interview/selection process involved and we had no idea how long it would take him to be selected for a position in the Cincinnati area.  We also had to consider my due date of late January 2017 and selling a home.  We made the decision to make our move after our third baby was born and I am thanking The Lord that it all came together perfectly.


Next time on the blog…”The baby is here!!”