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Living with family.

Since we arrived, we have been living with family.  First, we stayed with my sister on the east side of town.  It was great!  My kids didn’t need toys because they had their cousins to play with all day long.  My niece got particularly attached to Asher…who wouldn’t? He is a super happy and sweet baby!  After staying there a month, we headed over to my parent’s house.  We have been with them for nearly 3 months but in just two weeks we get the keys to our new house!! (Pause with me as I do a little happy dance!). Ok…moving on.
Staying with me parents has of course been an adjustment for everyone.  It helped my kids quickly get to know my parents and allowed us time to really dig into the business.  I am in the shop a couple of times a week, writing blogs and getting to know the clientele.  My husband, Caleb, has now taken over most of the photography for the shop.  His creativity and and natural talent behind the camera has helped us step up our ‘social media’ game.  Being so close to the shop has been a great way to figure out how to wear my many hats with the business and with our family.  Homeschooling my oldest has commenced and I love spending some devoted time with just him each day.  We are quickly learning that this next year of our lives will be extremely busy as we continue to pour into our children’s education, our business and our family.
Luckily for us, the kids LOVE going to the quilt shop. Avia, my daughter, often like to just walk around in the store and look at all the “pretty fabric” and I frequently find her delicately dancing through the aisles.  I love that they love going to the shop and since this is a family business it seems appropriate for them to be in the shop and learn the importance of working hard and being responsible from young age.
For now, I must go as we are spending every waking moment gearing up for the Southeast Indiana Quilt Expo September 8 & 9 and the Fall AQS Paducah Show September 13-16th.