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I’m off to Texas…and back again.

Whew!  In the course of the last three weeks I have packed and traveled to Texas for a Great Homeschool Convention, endured a hail storm with damage to a rental car, traveled home to love on my family and do a ton of laundry, repacked for my daughter and myself to fly to Cincinnati for another Great Homeschool Convention, shot a video for the business, spent a little time with my parents, flown home to do even more laundry and get back into the swing of being the full time mama.  Wow, I am tired.

Just when I thought things calmed down in for me to spend some time reflecting on these few weeks, my daughter woke up with a runny nose!  I am quickly reminded, there is often little rest for moms of little ones.

Homeschool conventions are crazy and exciting and exhausting!  So glad I was able to attend! Thank you to all who attended!

Despite knowing I am walking into a week of illness and possibly some sleepless nights, I cannot help but feel exhilarated by the amazing people I met in Texas and Cincinnati at the conventions. As I watched the homeschoolers bustle around finding the best curriculum for their families and full of encouragement from the seminars, I couldn’t help but feel relief.  I was in convention centers filled with other parents who had the same goals for their family.  I had some amazing conversations with parents who were trying to make the balancing act work, just like me.  I have to balance growing a business with raising and educating children and of course remember I am married and my marriage needs to be a priority if I do not want everything else to fall apart.  The energy, discussions and seminars during the conventions gave me a renewed spirit knowing I am part of a huge community of women (and men) who are attempting to achieve the same goals and I love it.  I cannot wait to share some of these stories with my kids and start to play, read and sew with them in this renewed state of mind.

As I spoke with parents these past few weekends it became very clear that our business values and product have met the right arena and I couldn’t be happier considering I will begin my homeschooling journey next fall.

Our product, as you know, are age and skill appropriate sewing kits.  At the age of 4 you would be surprised at how capable kids can be with a needle and thread or sewing machine.  We have kits such as coasters and tissue holders for the very beginner. From there we move into quivers and lights saber holsters (for boys or girls) and pillows or 18” doll sleeping bag kits for a little more of an intermediate level.  The excitement I saw in the eyes of the kids and parents coming into our booth was enough for me to know that these kits are filling a niche market.  It was a joy to talk with these parents and explain our product.  In the coming weeks I will be working on putting several of these items on our website for purchase. Hope on over to our ‘Shop’ tab to see what is already up!

Next time on the blog…”My son helps me sew a light saber holster.”IMG_0941