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Quilt Therapy: Prelude

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Let’s Bless Others

As we enter into the Back to School and fall season we wanted to share a little bit about an organization (or two) we love.  Operation Christmas Child is an organization that essentially gives gifts and hope to children around the world.  These children are underprivileged and often forgotten. My own children make shoeboxes to send every year as we think it is important to show the kids that giving to others in more important than receiving gifts.  We can use our resources of time, money and compassion to bless a child.  Please look at Operation Christmas Child as a way to help spread love … [Read more...]

Living with family.

Since we arrived, we have been living with family.  First, we stayed with my sister on the east side of town.  It was great!  My kids didn’t need toys because they had their cousins to play with all day long.  My niece got particularly attached to Asher…who wouldn’t? He is a super happy and sweet baby!  After staying there a month, we headed over to my parent's house.  We have been with them for nearly 3 months but in just two weeks we get the keys to our new house!! (Pause with me as I do a little happy dance!). Ok…moving on. Staying with me parents has of course been an adjustment for … [Read more...]

The baby is here!

“The baby is here!” Our third baby arrived a couple weeks before his due date and I couldn’t be happier because it meant I got to meet him that much sooner.  That’s right, HE, arrived mid-January.  Asher is as sweet as can be and totally lives up to the laid back third child expectation…at least so far. Once he arrived, Caleb and I went into “let’s move” mode.  He applied for a couple positions and was selected rather quickly for a job in the suburbs of Cincinnati.  Asher was two months old when we found out we were moving and from that moment and the following five weeks, I was packing up … [Read more...]

Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay.                 For the past 15 months, my life has been changing rapidly.  I wrote a couple blogs to jump start our blogging campaign and then quickly realized that between homeschooling convention season, two kids and a new puppy, I had no time for blogging.  Writing took a back seat to everything and it was definitely the right decision.  Shortly after posting my first few blogs my husband and I found out we were expecting our third baby!  Pregnancy for me, like many women, is no picnic.  I was sick for more than half this pregnancy but my sweet newest babe is more … [Read more...]

How to Sew a Light Saber Holster with Your Little One

My son helped me make a light saber holster! My son is very young, only 4 years old in fact.  From the moment I got out my sewing machine for him to see, over a year ago, he has been wanting to use it.  Naturally, I was a bit nervous when I let him try for the first time.  Is he going to break the machine or the needle, will he sew his own finger, will he like it?  Our first project was a hot dog pillow case with Avengers fabric because what little boy doesn’t love superheroes?!  He loved it and he was surprisingly patience and excited throughout the whole thing.  I think part of the reason … [Read more...]

Press Release: HomeGrown HomeSewn Now Offers Quilting Classes for All Ages

CINCINNATI, OH (PRWEB) APRIL 21, 2016 "West Cincinnati-based quilting and fabric store HomeGrown HomeSewn has announced new quilting classes open to interested parties of all ages. Staff at the locally-owned fabric store are dedicated to promoting a love of legacy crafts and traditional family living, and aim to provide high-quality sewing and quilting classes to Cincinnati residents. Sewing and quilting classes begin in May 2016, with registration open after April 15th. Weekly “sew-in” classes will occur on Wednesdays from 10am to 2pm. Participants are encouraged to bring their machines … [Read more...]

I’m off to Texas…and back again.

Whew!  In the course of the last three weeks I have packed and traveled to Texas for a Great Homeschool Convention, endured a hail storm with damage to a rental car, traveled home to love on my family and do a ton of laundry, repacked for my daughter and myself to fly to Cincinnati for another Great Homeschool Convention, shot a video for the business, spent a little time with my parents, flown home to do even more laundry and get back into the swing of being the full time mama.  Wow, I am tired. Just when I thought things calmed down in for me to spend some time reflecting on these few … [Read more...]


As I sit down to write my first blog post I am just a few short days away from turning 30 years old.  My son, daughter and husband are performing some of my favorite Rend Collective songs for me and I am feeling eager and excited about what this next year will bring for me and my little family. HELLO! My name is Abbey.  I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, Jesus follower and desert dweller. My husband, Caleb, and I got married in 2009 and have two children, ages 4 and almost 3!  Caleb and I try to create a home life where the kids can be involved in daily tasks such as laundry … [Read more...]